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Thematic Episode Lists

You have a day off, and you decide you want to watch some Buffy. But which episodes should you watch? Well, how about tracing one particular running storyline through all the episodes in which it appears? Here are lists of some of Buffy's major running plotlines, and the episodes that make them up.

The Spike and Buffy Chronicles

The Willow and Tara Chronicles (Submitted by Andrew L.)

Glory and the Key

The Buffy and Riley Chronicles

The Xander and Anya Chronicles

Adam Takes Initiative

You Gotta Have Faith

The Mayor's Plan (Submitted by Adam Rosse)

The Ballad of Spike & Drusilla

The Oz and Willow Chronicles (Submitted by Alex Irving)

The Buffy and Angel Chronicles

Good Angel/Bad Angel

Xander's Lust and Love for Buffy
(Submitted by Duchess of Buffonia; inspired by her list of B/X Moments at Beloved by the Zeppo.)
The Mysterious Ms. Calendar
The Master's Plan

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Episode Guide


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