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Buffy Episodes

BtVS and Angel episodes available for purchase are included here. (Both videos and DVDs). The 1992 BtVS movie is also here.

Posters & Photos

Buffy and Angel wall posters and 8 x 10 photos.


Find Buffy and Angel books, graphic novels, and a few other items (such as calendars and student planners). Also, browse for other books of interest.


Detailed information for the two official BtVS soundtrack albums and the official "Once More, With Feeling" musical episode soundtrack, Anthony Stewart Head's CD, and a sampling of music heard on the show.


Organized by actor, this section includes a description, image, and link to purchase all movies featuring actors with major Buffy roles which are available for sale. Logo Merchandise

Show your support for by buying items sporting logos! Get t-shirts, sweatshirts, boxers, mugs, mousepads, and more, in a variety of cool designs. Proceeds from merchandise sales go toward site costs.

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