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For just $10 (one-time cost), you can get a BuffyGuide email address with your choice of username and domain name, to forward to an existing address of your choice. This allows you to receive email sent to your new BuffyGuide address without any hassle at all — you won't have to change anything on your end or do anything different (just give out your new email address).

Choice of Username — Your choice of username; pretty much anything that's not taken. Since we don't have millions of customers like Yahoo! or Hotmail, you're extremely likely to get your first choice username, rather than settling for "john_doe_1234aabb".

Choice of Domain Name — Your choice of domain name (, from the following options:


To sign up: Contact me and let me know what username and domain name you'd like, and what address you'd like your email forwarded to. I will give you give you information on how to pay your $10 (or more, if you would like to add on an extra donation), and then I will set it up for you once your payment is received. Payment options include PayPal, check, money order, or cash.


How It Works — You'll choose a BuffyGuide email address, such as You'll also tell us where you want your mail forwarded to — that is, your existing email address (such as or Once we've received your payment and set up your new address, mail sent to will be forwarded straight from our server onward to (or what have you). You won't have to change anything about the way you check your email; mail sent to your new BuffyGuide address will just appear in your existing inbox.

If you want, you can set your new BuffyGuide address as the "From" and/or "Reply To" address on your emails (assuming your email client allows this; most do). This way, the casual reader might never even see your address, just


But some sites offer free email! — I'd love to offer it for free, but there are hosting bills to pay; this is a way to raise funds to keep the site open, while offering you something extra in return. If you would normally pass up a fee-based email address, keep in mind that your fee contributes to making sure I can pay the hosting bills and keep the site open. In fact, even if you're not interested in the email address, you can still donate toward site costs.

How long will I be able to use this address? — This service will be available for at least as long as the site continues running, if not longer. (There are no plans to close the site in the foreseeable future.) However, the specific amount of time for which this service will be available cannot be guaranteed, and there will be no refunds if the service is cancelled.

Why not offer webmail or POP3 access? I did try that, but there simply were not enough people signing up to make it feasible. The idea is to raise money to cover the site's hosting bills, but offering webmail and POP3 addresses cost more than the money it brought in, thus making the situation worse instead of better. So, sorry, but those options just aren't available. Besides, most people already have an email service that they're happy with and don't want to switch to something else. A forwarding address offers a fun email address with no hassle!

(If you are looking for a free webmail or IMAP service, I'd recommend Google's Gmail. If you're looking for an email client (software) to use on your computer, check out Mozilla's Thunderbird.)

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