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Real Me
October 03, 2000


David Fury

David Grossman

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers
Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris
Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg
Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
Emma Caulfield as Anya
Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn
James Marsters as Spike
Anthony Stewart Head as Rupert Giles
Guest Stars:
Mercedes McNab as Harmony
Bob Morrisey as Crazy Guy
Amber Benson as Tara
Kristine Sutherland as Joyce Summers
Brian Turk as Mort
Chaney Kley Minnis as Brad
Faith S. Abrahams as Peaches
Tom Lenk as Cyrus


Buffy's slaying is hampered by sibling rivalry when she's forced to take Dawn with her and Giles to the magic shop, where they find the owner dead from multiple puncture wounds. The evidence points to a new vampire gang. When they learn the leader of the pack is Spike's ex-girlfriend Harmony, nobody takes them seriously until Dawn mistakenly invites Harmony into the house and then gets kidnapped, forcing Buffy to rescue the teen.

For the full, detailed synopsis, click here.

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Body Count

Mr. Bogerty (Magic shop owner)
Drained by Harmony's gang at the magic shop.
Shot with a cross-bow by Buffy in Harmony's lair.
Staked by Buffy in Harmony's lair.
Decapitated by Buffy in Harmony's lair.
Staked with the horn of a wooden unicorn by Buffy in Harmony's lair.
Total: Five
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Dialogue to Die For

Giles: Just not used to automatic transmission. I loathe this just sitting here, not contributing. No, no, no, it's just not working out.
Buffy: Giles, are you breaking up with your car?
Giles: Well, it did seduce me. All red and sporty.
Buffy: Little two-door tramp.

Anya: Crap! Look at this. Now I'm burdened with a husband, and several tiny pink children, more cash than I can reasonably manage.
Xander: That means you're winning.
Anya: Really?
Xander: Yes, cash equals good.
Anya: Ooh, I'm so pleased! Can I trade in the children for more cash?

Harmony: We're gonna kill the Slayer.
Spike: Singing my song now are you? You should pay me royalties for that one, at least get your own tune.

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    Harry Potter
  • Dawn: "I'm not going to Hogwarts."
  • Hogwarts is the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from J.K. Rowling's immensely popular Harry Potter novels.

  • Riley: "Not the invasion of Normandy, but still a plan."
  • The Invasion of Normandy, also known as D-Day, took place on June 6, 1944. This invasion was crucial to the Allies victory in the European portion of World War II.

  • Crazy Guy (to Dawn): "I know you. Curds and whey. I know what you are. You don't belong here."
  • "Curds and whey" is a phrase from the Little Miss Muffet nursery rhyme: "Little Miss Muffet, sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey." This gives a hint that Faith's Little Miss Muffet reference in Graduation Day, Part 2 may have referred to Dawn, along with the counting down to 7-3-0 and Little Sister.

  • Anya: "Look, I've got Monopoly, Clue, and ooh, The Game of Life."
  • Monopoly, Clue (also known as Cluedo in Europe), and The Game of Life are all classic board games that are now owned by Hasbro. It is The Game of Life that Xander, Anya, and Dawn end up playing.

  • Xander: "And Ruffles have ridges."
  • Ruffles are a potato chip brand made by Frito-Lay, known for their ridged cut. A marketing slogan for the brand was once "R-R-R-R-Ruffles have r-r-r-r-ridges," with a prolonged rolling of the r's.

  • Spike (on which book Harmony is studying): "What? Evil for Dummies?"
  • There is a whole range of "for Dummies" books published by IDG Books. They started off as technical computer manuals for the not so technically minded, but have since spawned many general interest "for Dummies" books, from Allergies for Dummies to Yoga for Dummies and even Sex for Dummies, as well. As of yet, though, they have not published an Evil for Dummies.

    Spinal Tap
  • Buffy: "Most magic shop owners in Sunnydale have the life expectancy of a Spinal Tap drummer."
  • The semi-fictional band Spinal Tap, portrayed in the 1984 movie This is Spinal Tap, has lost drummers due to spontaneous combustion, asphyxiation, and a bizarre gardening accident.

  • Giles: I watched Passions with Spike.
  • Passions is a one-hour daily soap opera heavily targeted towards teens. It's relatively new, having only premiered in July of 1999, and is known for its far-out storylines (even by soap opera standards).

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  • Graduation Day, Part Two

    The crazy guy who confronts Dawn mentions cats (claiming to be one) and makes reference to Dawn being Little Miss Muffet ("I know you — curds and whey."). After Buffy stabbed Faith in GD2, she had a dream in which Faith had a cat (female), and Faith told her, "Miles to go. Little Miss Muffet counting down from seven three oh."

  • Lovers Walk

    Buffy and Giles comment on the tendency of magic shop owners to be killed. This is actually only the second such death to be shown (though there could feasibly have been more off-screen), the first being the female owner whom Spike killed in "Lovers Walk." A few viewers have claimed that Drusilla killed the shop owner in "Passion," but no such death was ever shown or referred to onscreen. Nonetheless, knowing Drusilla, one can't rule out a murder (though one couldn't prove that it occurred, either).

  • Buffy vs. Dracula

    Both Dawn and Harmony refer to Xander's experience with Dracula last week, from different points of view. Harmony's was more accurate, seeing as Xander was under Dracula's control. Xander also mentions the un-invitation spell Willow did last week, which was to lock Dracula out after Joyce gave him an invite.

  • The Initiative

    Xander and Harmony refer to their hair-pulling girly-fight when they ran into each other in "The Initiative."

  • The Harsh Light of Day

    Spike and Harmony make reference to having "gone steady." They came to Sunnydale together, and then broke up, in "The Harsh Light of Day."

  • Something Blue

    Giles mentions that he watched Passion with Spike last year — though we didn't see them watch together, we did see Spike demanding to watch it while staying at Giles' in "Something Blue."

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Goofs and Gaffes

  • In the scene with Dawn at the magic shop, Dawn's hair does some teleporting due to editing various takes together.
          Spotted by Mathew.

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  • A new location has been shown: the gym where Buffy was training. Perhaps it's supposed to be the UC Sunnydale gymnasium.

  • Giles has purchased a new sporty red convertible BMW. Not quite sure on the model, but it appears to be a 328 iC.

  • More invitation rule clarification: only someone who lives in a residence can invite a vampire in.

  • Giles has purchased the "Magic Box" magic shop.

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Let me first say that I really admire Michelle Trachtenberg's performance and the way she has been able to fit in with the rest of the cast. Let me also just say I absolutely adore Giles' new car. Am I too young to have a mid-life crisis? I really want one of those when the lease expires next year. Harmony and Anya were both hilarious as always, and I really like how well the whole cast got adequate screen time. Some better continuity with the rest of the Buffyverse which helps to build up the new season. "Buffy Vs. Dracula" was a little bit too much of a filler episode, but I guess it was a good episode to bring new viewers into the world of Buffy. It was interesting to see Tara and Dawn's interaction with each other. I wouldn't be too surprised if they both share a similar secret. (8/10)
Jamie Marie:
Considering how much it amuses me the way that people are having a fit over Buffy suddenly having a sister, I can only imagine the laugh-attacks that must be seizing Joss every few minutes. Come on, people, have a little faith. This is Joss we're talking about. All is certainly not what it seems. Anyway, I'm rather digging it while I wait for the explanation. I mostly remembered Michelle Trachtenberg from a stint she did on Clarissa Explains It All a while back, which bugged the hell out of me, but you can officially color me pleased with her performance here. (And for the record, I agree with her — she's 14, she doesn't need a babysitter. Of course, the plot called for it...) Anyway, we're moving along nicely, what with Giles finally getting something to do (and something highly appropriate, even if rather predictable), and another reminder that Tara's another one who may not be entirely what she seems (you know, what with her subtle reaction to "You're one of the good guys"). All in all, another strong episode. Oh, and is Anya not f***ing hilarious? (The correct answer would be "Yes.") (8.5/10)
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Air Date Rating Ranking
October 3, 2000 3.9 62 of 111
December 12, 2000 2.7 93 of 135 (tie)

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