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Adam: The witch?
Spike: Uh, Willow. About so high (indicates with his hand), perky, good with math — natural choice.

Anya: Xander! You said you wanted to check the board at the unemployment office this morning. (Looks under the covers at Xander.) You can't go like that. They won't even interview you if you're naked.

Willow (about the disks self-decrypting): That is so annoying. It's like someone blurting out the answer to a riddle just when you've — I mean, "Yippee!" we have the information.

Giles: Well, Spike can be very convincing when — I'm very stupid.

Xander: Spike's working for Adam?! After all we've done — Nah, I can't even act surprised.

Buffy: Xander!
Willow: Oh, wonderful Xander!
Buffy (while giving a group hug): You know we love you, right?
Willow: We totally do.
Xander: Oh God, we're gonna die, aren't we?

Spike (to Adam, about getting his chip removed): Hello? Paging Dr. Owe-me-one.

Willow (to Colonel McNamara as he's searching their equipment): It's a gourd.
Giles: A magic gourd.
Colonel McNamara: What kind of freaks are you people?

Adam (after he activates his large arm gun): I've been upgrading.


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