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New Moon Rising

Tara: Do you like cats?
Willow: I'm more of a dog person myself, but I'm not, like, death to all cats.

Giles: You know, I really don't appreciate your snide remarks, Anya. Now I have a great deal of experience in these matters and if I say there is a matter of some import brewing —
Oz (breaking the silence after interrupting everyone with his mere presence): Hey.

Willow: W-when did you get back?
Oz: Pretty much now.

Xander: Oz, man. Hate to sound grandma, but... you don't call. You don't write.

Buffy (about Riley's concern about Willow dating a werewolf): God, I never knew you were such a bigot!
Riley: Whoa, hey, how did we get to bigot? I'm just saying it's a little weird to date someone who tries to eat you once a month.

Willow: It's so light out.
Oz: We talked all night.
Willow: Well, I believe a manly sized breakfast is order, don't you?
Oz: Or we could just... (he reaches for and holds her hand) sleep a little while. Whatever you want.
Willow: I'll have the less confusing waffles right now.

Buffy: Those, like, regulation? You have to do those every morning?
Riley: No, just a good way to start the day.
Buffy: Great, then you can have your perfectly balanced breakfast, and then you can call your mother.
Riley: OK, I'm up less than a minute and somehow I've managed to piss you off.

Buffy: I want to hear about you and Oz, you saw him, right?
Willow: I was with him all night.
Buffy: All night? Oh, my God. Wait, last night was a wolf moon, right?
Willow: Yup.
Buffy: So, either you're going to tell me something incredibly kinky, or —
Willow: No kink. He didn't change, Buffy. He said he was gonna find a cure and he did. In Tibet.
Buffy: Oh my God, I can't believe it! OK, I'm all with the woo-hoo here and you're not.
Willow: No, there's "woo" and "hoo," but there's "uh-oh" and "why now?" And it's complicated.
Buffy: Why complicated?
Willow: It's complicated... because of Tara.
Buffy: You mean Tara has a crush on Oz? No, you — oh. Oh. Um... Well... That's great. You know, I mean, I think Tara is a really great girl, Will.
Willow: She is. And... there's something between us. It wasn't something I was looking for. It's just powerful. And it's totally different from what Oz and I have.
Buffy: Well, there you go. I mean, you know, you have to follow your heart, Will. And that's what important, Will.
Willow: Why do you keep saying my name like that?
Buffy: Like what, Will?
Willow: Are you freaked?
Buffy: What? No, Will, don't — (regains her composure) No. No, absolutely no to that question. I'm glad you told me.

Tara: Whatever, you know, happens. I'll still be here. I'll still be your friend.
Willow: Of course, we'll be friends. That's not even a question.
Tara: But I'm saying, I know what Oz means to you.
Willow: How can you, when I'm not even sure? I mean, I know what he meant to me. But he left, and... everything changed. I changed, and then we —
Tara: What?
Willow: I don't know. I just — life was starting to get so good again, and... you're a big part of that. And here comes the thing I wanted most of all, and... I don't know what to do. I want to know, but I don't.
Tara: Do what makes you happy.

Oz (Sniffs the air and turns): Willow. (Tara turns around) Hey. I thought I sm — uh, heard Willow.
Tara: Hey. You're um, you're coming back to school here, huh?
Oz: Pretty much. Feeling oddly motivated.
Tara: That's, um, that's great. I mean, that's great for you and Willow right?
Oz: I hope so.
Tara: Good. That's... because —
Oz: Is that her sweater?
Tara: I just, I just hope that you guys'll be very... happy.
Oz: You smell like her. She's all over you, do you know that?
Tara: I can't. I, I can't talk about this.
Oz (grabbing her arm): But there's something to talk about? Are you two involved?!
Tara: I have, I have to go.
Oz: Because she never said anything like that to me like that. We talked all night, and she never — (Tara tries to leave, but Oz grabs her by the shoulders.) No, stop!!! Is she in love with you? Tell me! Is she? (He starts to wolf out.) Run.

Adam: Scout's honor.
Spike: You were a Boy Scout?
Adam: Parts of me.

Giles: How did you get in?
Spike: The door was unlocked. You might want to watch that, Rupert. Someone dangerous could get in.
Buffy: Or, someone formerly dangerous and currently annoying.

Colonel McNamara: Tomorrow I am going to institute a court-martial to investigate the extent of your involvement with the Slayer and her band of freaks. They're anarchists, Finn. Too backwards for the real world.

Anya (wanting a high five from Giles): Slap my hand now!

Riley (about his escape): Buffy. I leave now, I can't ever come back. ... I just wanted to hear that out loud.

Oz: I shouldn't have come back now. I just thought I'd changed.
Willow: You have changed. You stopped the wolf from coming out. I saw it.
Oz: But I couldn't look at you. I mean, It turns out the one thing that brings it out of me is you. Which falls under the heading of ironic in my book.
Willow: It was my fault. I upset you.
Oz (sarcastically): So we're safe then, 'cause you'll never do that again. (not sarcastic anymore But, you're happy? Willow:I am. I can't explain it —
Oz: It may be safer for both of us if you don't.
Willow: I missed you, Oz. I wrote you so many letters... But I didn't have any place to send them, you know. I couldn't live like that.
Oz: It was stupid to think that you'd just be... waiting.
Willow: I was waiting. I feel like some part of me will always be waiting for you. Like if I'm old and blue-haired and I turn the corner in Istanbul, and there you are. I won't be surprised... Because you're with me, you know?
Oz: I know. But now is not that time I guess.
Willow: No. What are you gonna do?
Oz: I think I better take off.
Willow: When?
Oz: Pretty much now.

Willow: Tara, I have to tell you —
Tara: No, I understand. You have to be with the person that love.
Willow: I am.
Tara: You mean...
Willow: I mean. OK?
Tara: Oh, yes.
Willow: I feel horrible about everything I put you through. And I'm going to make it up to you, starting right now.
Tara: Right now? (She blows out the candle.)


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