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Aug. 2006

Donations Needed
Aug. 9, 2006 8:59 PM PDT

HOSTING BILL DONATIONS — Though it may inspire a few "you never update anymore, you suck!!!" emails, I am nonetheless forced to seek donations again to help with hosting costs (bills don't seem to care whether I update or not, unfortunately). If you don't find the existing content useful and desire only new episode guide updates, I certainly understand that you wouldn't feel like donating. But those of you who still refer to and enjoy the existing content, please consider making a donation. If you can spare any amount, be it $1 from your Starbucks budget or $25 from your DVD-buying budget, please consider it. The best way to donate is via PayPal - click here. To donate via the Amazon Honor System, click here. (Note that Amazon takes a 15% cut, whereas PayPal takes only 3%.) You can also send a money order, check, or cash — please contact me for the mailing address to use!

Full details about donation methods can always be found here.

p.s. For what it's worth, there actually are some pending updates in the pipeline. Crazy, I know!

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