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Update Archive
Mar. 2004

Upcoming Episodes, Go Shopping
Mar. 27, 2004 3:03 PM PST

UPCOMING EPISODES — Updated through February 25.

GO has a tiered payment structure, wherein the more items you sell, the higher percentage you earn — but each tier requires that you sell a certain number of what they call non-media items (in this case, that means anything that is not a book, CD, video, or DVD). I am 7 non-media items short to qualify for the tier above the one I'm currently at. In other words, if I can just sell 7 more non-media items by the end of March, I will earn a little bit more revenue. And I need every little bit I can get.

So! Perhaps you can help! If you are in the market to buy something that...

A) sells,
B) is not a book, CD, video, or DVD, and
C) has an estimated shipping time of, say 48 hours or less (the items must ship by March 31st in order to count for this quarter and thus to boost me into the next tier for this quarter)

...then quick! Go buy it now! Here are some (affiliate) links: Home Page  —  Software  —  Computer & Video Games  —  Game Hardware  —  Electronics  —  DVD Players  —  Clothing & Accessories  —  Jewelry & Watches  —  Gourmet Food  —  Coffee & Tea  —  Chocolate  —  Personal Care & Beauty  —  Sex & Sensuality  —  Kitchen & Housewares  —  Computers and Computer Add-Ons  —  Of course, if there are books, music, videos, or DVDs that you want, I'd be happy for you to buy those through my affiliate links as well! icon

It doesn't matter what link you use — all of these have my affiliate ID in them; you can click any link and then browse around or search or whatever and anything you buy in that browser session will be credited toward my sales and earn me a commission.
DVDs, Upcoming Episodes
Mar. 6, 2004 5:06 PM PST

MERCHANDISE >> US DVDs — Added the Buffy Seasons 1-4 Collection.

UPCOMING EPISODES — Updated through March 17.
Upcoming Episodes
Mar. 3, 2004 4:06 PM PST

UPCOMING EPISODES — Updated through March 10.

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