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Dec. 2007

Donation Drive
Dec. 9, 2007 7:53 PM PST

DONATION DRIVE — This one actually isn't for hosting bills - those are happily paid up for the moment. This is actually a sad call for help to get my brakes fixed and pay some about-to-be-late bills (electric and car insurance). The Husband (a graduate student) and I (currently unemployed and having little luck becoming employed) are even poorer than usual, hence the cry for help. I know, the site still hasn't been updated, despite all of my best intentions, but if you still refer to and enjoy the existing content, and/or the holidays have you feeling generous, then whatever spare change or dollars you wouldn't mind parting with would be most appreciated. The best way to donate is via PayPal - click here. To donate via the Amazon Honor System, click here. (Note that Amazon takes a 15% cut, whereas PayPal takes only 3%.) You can also send a money order, check, or cash — please contact me for the mailing address to use! (Even if you've mailed something before - I've moved, hence the non-job-having.)

Full details about donation methods can always be found here.

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