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We're Famous!

Okay, so "famous" isn't quite accurate, but we have gotten a few media mentions, which we enjoy thoroughly. If you know of something we're missing, please let us know.

Teen Celebrity, December 2000 — "If the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of your addictions, then is sure to become your favorite site. Run by two Orange County, California students named Jamie Marie and Jeremy, this site is packed with episode info, quotes, photos, up-coming tv appearances and loads more. BuffyGuide is so professional looking it's hard to believe it's not run by a staff of 20. Check this site out and be sure to tell them Teen Celebrity sent you!"

Dreamwatch (a sci-fi/fantasy magazine published in the UK), issue #71, August 2000 — Brief mention and a screen shot.

OC Weekly (a newspaper published in Orange County, California), June 23-29, 2000 — An article on the whole Fox vs. fansites debacle, including comments from yours truly.

OC Weekly, April 2-8, 1999 — A very interesting article focusing on how the networks respond to fan sites. They consider our site better than the official site, and (bonus points) they even interviewed us! (When you read this, keep in mind that it was written before all the Fox hubbub began. Ah, the irony.)

Starburst (a sci-fi magazine published in the UK), issue #249 — Only three sentences in the "review" on the site, and not a whole lot more in the print version, but they liked us, and that's what counts, right?

Sci-Fi Teen, #8, November 1999 — A quick but positive mention in the "Cyberzone" column.

Heat (a British weekly entertainment magazine) — They don't actually talk about the site here, but there is a screen shot of it, with the URL, prominently displayed with an article about Buffy sites.

Big Hit (an Australian entertainment magazine) — Our site is included as one of the top ten Buffy sites, calling us "the most in-depth guide on the web." Also includes a screen shot.


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