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Credits and Acknowledgements

These are sites that I occasionally or often use when putting together our episode pages:

Nielsen Ratings for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel — This comprehensive site is where we get the ratings and rankings for the Nielsen Ratings section of each episode.

The Internet Movie Database — This site offers an incredible resource for movie information (as well as TV shows) and actor filmographies; if an actor on BtVS has a page here, we link you to it.

The Buffy Music Pages — If we can't place the music ourselves, we check here. This site also contains info on score music and music library pieces.

TV Guide and Zap2it — We get the episode titles from these sites, as well the only type of spoilers we usually read — their short, one or two line descriptions.

These are people to whom I owe my gratitude for various reasons:

Elliot Cross, who — aside from writing episode reviews — helps me out with the episode guide in a variety of ways (looking for continuity and the like, researching references, etc.).

Brian J. Zino and Will Zagoren, for starting this site and especially for handing it over to us when they had to quit — even though they didn't know us and had no way to know if we would do a good job. We hope they never regret their decision!

Matt Young, who designed the corner logo used on the site, the large logo used on the main page, and 3 of the designs used on the merchandise in our online store.

David Henderson at Psi Phi, who originated the Complete Actor, Writer, and Director Lists.

Charl and Josie Engela, who updated the Complete Actor, Writer, and Director Lists with Season 6 details.

Brent Charbonneau, who designed the old corner logo we used to use.

Lori Ann Curley, who has made quite a few contributions to the episode guide (extended synopses, references, etc.).

Joseph B., who wrote many of the extended synopses in the episode guide, from "Superstar" to "No Place Like Home." He also writes fanfic — check it out at

Bruce, angel_star, Fluff, Boo, and Anthony C. Blade, who were kind enough to write many of the short synopses in the Episode Guide (each one is credited with each of their synopses).

Canty cide, who emails us Buffy news and such.

Kathleen at Laugh Lines, Love Lines for allowing us to use her quotes for Seasons 1-3.

RayneFire, who collects scripts and has been kind enough to provide us with translations of spells and such.

Starshine 007, for submitting the winning entry in our contest to name the message board (The Watcher's Diary). She is also the founder of a Yahoo Club for fans over 18 (not that it's "adult" in nature).

Eric B., who compiled Body Counts for various episodes.

Neil in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for voluntarily donating his copy of GD2 when it was postponed.

Nancy, for allowing us to copy some of her Buffy reruns.

Amy C., Su-Lin, MJS, Palefella, and Claire, who have designed banners for us that have been used either on our Link to Us page or in our IGN rotation. Mathew, for submission of many goofs and references and such.


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