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The Wish

Xander: And they burst in, rescuing us, without even knocking? I mean, this is really all their fault.
Buffy: Your logic does not resemble our Earth logic.
Xander: Mine is much more advanced.

Angel: The Master rose. He let me punish me. I kept hoping maybe you'd come. My destiny.
Buffy: Is this a get-in-my-pants thing? You guys in Sunnydale talk like I'm the Second Coming.

Willow: Isn't he gonna poof?
Buffy: I guess these guys don't. We'll have to bury him or something. Ohh, makes you appreciate vamps, though. No fuss, no muss.

Xander: Excuse me, I need to be both giving and receiving of mirth. Is it too much to ask for a little back-up?
Buffy: I'm here for you, Xand. I'm support-o-gal.

Willow: It's true - Cordelia belongs to the justified camp. She should make us pay. And pay, and pay, and pay... In fact, there's just not enough pay for what...
Xander: Look, you want to do guilt-a-palooza, fine.

Xander: Behold the beauty that is now. Who's with me?
Buffy: Actually, he's making sense. We're young and free in America. How dare we be spun by love, or the lack of same?
Willow: Absolutely. It's self-indulgent. I'm in. I'm on the joy train.
Buffy: That didn't work. Who wants chocolate?

Cordelia: What's up with you two and the leather?

Willow: Hmm, Buffy. Ooh, scary.
Xander: Someone has to talk to her people. That name is striking fear in nobody's hearts.

Buffy: World is what it is. We fight, we die. Wishing doesn't change that.
Giles: I have to believe in a better world.
Buffy: Go ahead. I have to live in this one.

Buffy: I don't play well with others. Now, I'm gonna ask you this once, and then I'm gonna get testy.

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