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School Hard

Poor Buffy — Principal Snyder has sentenced her, on pain of expulsion, to set up the upcoming Parent/Teacher night. "Parents'll love it," says Xander, trying to reassure her. "As long as nothing bad happens..." Uh-oh — a jinx!.

Spike and Drusilla Something bad has indeed happened. Two new vampires have moved into Sunnydale, a cheerfully homicidal maniac named Spike and his spacey girlfriend Drusilla. They make a deal with the Anointed One to take care of his Slayer problem — Spike has personally killed two Slayers himself. And to make things worse, Giles and Ms. Calendar have discovered that this coming Saturday is the Night of St. Vigeous, when the vampires' power will be at its peak. Much to Giles' dismay, Buffy has other things on her mind — she's getting increasingly nervous over Parent/Teacher night. She's terrified of what her teachers, not to mention Principal Snyder, will tell her mom. That night at the Bronze Spike stages a ploy, getting Buffy to reveal herself as the Slayer. Now he knows who to kill.

Buffy completes her preparations for Parent/Teacher night (although the lemonade could use a little more sugar), but Willow's best efforts can't keep Buffy's mom from meeting with Principal Snyder. The meeting apparently does not go well, but the impending grounding is interrupted by some sudden visitors who crash through the window of the lounge — Spike got impatient and couldn't wait until Saturday.

He and his army cut the power and the phones in the school, but Buffy manages to get her mom and Principal Snyder and most of the others safely locked in the science room. Then she goes after the vamps one by one. Meanwhile, Xander gets out through the stacks and gets Angel, who tries to convince his former pupil Spike that he's still a bloodsucking killer. Spike doesn't buy it.

Buffy rescues her mother and the others, who get out of the school okay while Buffy goes back to confront Spike. It looks like the vampire's about to add a third Slayer to his kill record when he's hit from behind with an axe — Buffy's mother has come to the defense of her daughter. Spike runs away, the school is saved, and it even looks like Buffy's grounding has been averted... for now. "A Slayer with family and friends... that sure as hell wasn't in the brochure," says a defeated Spike, just before he kills the Anointed One and takes over as the clear vampire leader in Sunnydale...


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