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Angel is still stalking Buffy and her friends, playing with them before he destroys them all. He watches them leave the Bronze, and he comes into Buffy's bedroom while she sleeps. When she wakes, she finds a drawing of herself, sleeping, next to her bed, and she knows he's been there. At school, she asks Giles if there's any way to reverse the standing invitation Angel has to her home, and Giles vows to look into it. The strain is getting to Buffy — she wonders if her mother should be told, because Angel is likely to come after her family. Giles implores Buffy to keep a level head.

Ms. Calendar asks Willow to cover her computer class for her when she's late, and Willow agrees as Buffy and Giles show up, exhibiting the same coldness to Ms. Calendar that they have for several weeks. Buffy leaves with Willow, but Jenny gives Giles a book she says will help to make things right. That's what she wants, she says, to make things right, and she admits that she's in love with Giles. At dinner that night, Buffy gives her mother a sanitized version of her problem with Angel as a warning. And later, while on the phone with Buffy, Willow finds an envelope just like the one Buffy found, containing all her aquarium fish, dead. Terrified, Willow spends the night at Buffy's. Drusilla, meanwhile, has gotten Spike a puppy to eat, but Spike chafes at having to be taken care of. Angel needles him coldly about it, and a fight threatens to ensue. But just then Drusilla wails, sensing someone trying to help, to return Angel's soul. That someone is Ms. Calendar, who visits a local shop and acquires an Orb of Thesulah.

The next day, Buffy is still cold to Ms. Calendar but nevertheless tells her that Giles misses her. That night at Willow's house they find another envelope, this one for Buffy — it's a picture of Buffy's mother, asleep. Angel stops by Buffy's house as Joyce brings home groceries. Over her threats to call the police, he tells Joyce he needs Buffy and that he hasn't been able to sleep since they made love. Rattled, Joyce runs inside the house, just as Willow and Buffy read an incantation revoking Angel's invitation. "Sorry, Angel," says Buffy. "Changed the locks." Drusilla shows up at the shop Ms. Calendar visited, asking the shop owner what the teacher wanted. At school, Ms. Calendar is working late when Giles shows up and invites her over when she's done. He leaves, and she finishes her work — she's found out how to restore Angel's soul! Saving the solution to a floppy disk, she prints it out, and suddenly she realizes she's not alone. Angel is there. He breaks the Orb of Thesulah and destroys her computer, burning the printout, and then attacks Ms. Calendar. She runs for her life, but to no avail — Angel catches her and breaks her neck.

 Joyce talks to Buffy about Angel's revelation, and "the Talk" seems to bring the Summers closer together. Giles returns home to find a rose on his door, champagne in ice, Puccini on the stereo, and a note saying "Upstairs." Climbing the candlelit stairs, his smile freezes on his face as he sees the dead body of Ms. Calendar in his bed. As the police take the body away, he calls Buffy and Willow, who break into tears as Angel watches through the window, smiling.

Worried about what Giles might do, Buffy has Cordelia drive the gang to Giles' house. He's not home, and his weapons are gone, and they realize that he's gone to the factory to take revenge on Angel himself (and probably get himself killed in the process). At the factory, the tension between Spike and Angel escalates, when suddenly a Molotov cocktail lands on the floor, setting the factory on fire. It's Giles, who viciously attacks Angel, but eventually loses the upper hand and is at the vampire's mercy. Buffy arrives in the nick of time, beating Angel back and almost into submission, but then Angel points at Giles, lying unconscious before the approaching flames. The vampire escapes as Buffy saves her Watcher. He protests that it wasn't her fight, and Buffy's response is to slug him — then hug him tight. "You can't leave me," she sobs. "I can't do this alone." Giles and Buffy visit Ms. Calendar's grave, and Buffy accepts the new order — her Angel is gone, and now she feels she's ready to kill the monster he's become once and for all. Willow sadly accepts the task of filling in for the computer teacher until a replacement is hired. As she takes her place at the desk, a floppy disk falls unnoticed to the floor...


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