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I Was Made to Love You

Buffy is in the training room at the magic shop, angrily punching what appears to be a heavy bag. She is telling Giles how it is "obscene" that Spike wants her and it makes her "feel gross." Giles assures her that it isn't her fault. Buffy doesn't believe that; she is convinced that something about her made Spike think "that is the one for me!" She punches harder and throws in some kicks.

Buffy and Puffy Xander

The training bag turns out to be Xander, wearing a thickly padded sumo wrestler suit — although the padding is offering little protection from the blows. As he leans against the wall to recuperate, Buffy continues on about her secret to attracting men: beat them up and make their lives a living hell. Xander also tells her that the problem is not her. Buffy wonders if another good one will come along. She suggests that she could change, maybe slay less and laugh more at their jokes, so she doesn't scare them away. Xander advises Buffy to just be herself. Buffy, appreciative of "Puffy Xander," hugs him.

A car is coming to a stop on a street corner. A young woman gets out, and the driver asks if she'll be okay. He wants to know what she's looking for in Sunnydale. She replies confidently, "True love."

At the Summers' house, Joyce is spinning to model her dress for Buffy and Dawn. Dawn likes the dress because it's "Mom-ish," but Buffy thinks the dress is sexy. Buffy asks her mom about the man she's going out with and what his intentions are. She tells them how she met him. That reminds her of the impending date, and she frets about the plans for the evening. She asks what Buffy thinks she should do; Buffy declines to give any advice about dating since both of her boyfriends left, as in "left town."

Anya and Tara are walking through a park, discussing computers. Tara has been online, but she finds the bad spelling "depressing." Anya advises Tara to try online trading, which has tripled the money that Anya earned working for Giles. The girl who's looking for true love stops them to cheerily ask if they know where Warren is. They tell her that they don't know anyone by that name, so she thanks them and proceeds on the path to ask the next person that she sees. Anya and Tara continue their discussion and walk on.


At the Spring Break Party later that evening, Buffy is dancing with Xander (Anya points out that she let them do that). The song ends and Xander goes to join Anya. Buffy sees Ben by the punch bowl, and, acting nonchalant, she leans on a nearby column as she waits for him to notice her. He sees her and calls her name, so she goes over to him. They make small talk about his non-medical clothing. Buffy nervously laughs too much at his "actually, these are orthopedic pants" joke. (It sounded funny in his head, he claims.) Ben asks how she's enjoying the party. Remembering her conversation with Xander, she makes a distinct effort to stop talking about herself and returns the question. She asks Ben if he wants to dance; he agrees and goes to get rid of his drink.

Xander and Anya are discussing how the snack mix is made until Xander sees the mysterious girl who is still asking people about Warren. Anya mentions that they ran into her before. Nearby, a young man (Warren) tells the girl he's with that they have to leave before "she" sees him. Persisting in her search, the girl walks over to Xander, Anya, and Willow. Xander inquires reasonably, "Warren who?" She answers, " He's... Warren." She tells them that Warren is her boyfriend, and that he lost her. She moves on. Tara joins the others and, recognizing the girl from earlier, asks if she is still looking for Warren.

Spike approaches Buffy and tries to make small talk. Buffy mainly glares at him until she coldly tells him to get away from her. Spike starts to say something but doesn't. He leaves her, but doesn't go far. Ben returns, armed with his phone number on a piece of paper for Buffy — he wanted to give it to her before she saw him dance. He suggest that they could get coffee sometime. Buffy begins to ramble on about how that could end with him leaving town. Ben says that he'd just like to get to know better, and Buffy says that she will call him.

Spike seems to have overheard their conversation and walks away. He comes upon the mystery girl, still asking about Warren. She introduces herself to Spike as April and says that she is looking for "her fellow." Spike says that she has found him and whispers something wicked in her ear. Enraged, April grabs him by the collar and lifts him off the ground, pointing out angrily that he is not her boyfriend. She easily throws him through the window.


The party comes to a standstill as everyone stares at April. Spike gets up and demands to know why she did that. April tells him that Warren is her boyfriend, and Spike expresses his sympathy for Warren. April announces to the partygoers that only Warren can touch her and turns to go. Buffy steps in front of her and tries to reason with her. April interrupts Buffy asking if she knows where April's boyfriend is. Buffy begins to tell April to stop looking for her boyfriend for just a moment. Seizing Buffy, April sends her backward, and Buffy lands hard on her shoulder. April apologizes for hurting Buffy and says that she hopes Buffy's boyfriend will take care of her. She walks off to continue searching for Warren.

After the party, the others are discussing April. The gang agrees that she must be a robot. They reason that they won't be able to track Warren down until the next day, but it isn't a major emergency since April doesn't seem to want to hurt him.

Buffy returns home to "rescue" Giles, who has been babysitting Dawn, and was forced to talk about boys. Joyce comes in, having had a great time on her date. Teasing Buffy, she says that she left her bra in her date's car.

At three in the morning, April is going door to door trying to find Warren.

The next day at the magic shop, Willow thinks she's found the Warren that they are looking for. The others discuss why he would build a robot. Tara says that it is sad to want a nice, normal person and not to be able to find one. Hearing that, Buffy is a bit dejected and goes to another room to call Ben. We see Glory morph into Ben just in time for him to answer the phone. Buffy asks him about getting coffee and they set a date for the next evening.

At Warren's house, he is quickly packing while his girlfriend, Katrina, is questioning why he wants to leave so suddenly. He opens the door as he is about to usher Katrina out. Buffy is standing there. Katrina wants to know who she is and what Buffy and Warren are talking about. Warren won't tell her. He finally tells Katrina to shut up, and she leaves in a huff. Warren asks if April has hurt anyone, and Buffy replies, "No one that matters." Warren says that he needs to tell Buffy something about April. His news is no surprise: April is a robot.

At the shop, Spike charges in under a flaming blanket. He extinguishes the fire and casually asks what's going on. Giles informs him that he isn't welcome there. The others are cold to him also, even Dawn. Anya cheerfully asks if they can throw him through the window like the robot did. Spike tries to "explain" to them that he and Buffy worked together to get rid of Dru, "who was up to no good." An infuriated Giles shoves Spike into a cabinet to get his attention. Giles tells him that they are not his friends and that he should get over Buffy. Spike starts to say something but doesn't. He leaves under the protection of his blanket.


At Warren's, he tells Buffy that he made the robot to love him, and that she's not just a toy: she's a girlfriend. Buffy asks if he's in love with her, and Warren admits that he isn't. He met Katrina who, unlike April, was unpredictable. He is in love with Katrina. Unfortunately, he didn't tell April about this; he just left her in his dorm room assuming that her batteries would run down.

April happens upon Katrina as she walks through a playground. April asks about Warren, and a none-too-happy Katrina tells her that Warren is her boyfriend. April grabs Katrina and starts crushing her as she tells her to stop lying.

Spike is at his place, angrily putting his collection of Buffy mementos into a box. He says that he will move on.

Buffy and Warren find April holding an unconscious Katrina. Warren instructs April to give Katrina to Buffy, and they put Katrina on a nearby bench. April innocently asks, "Is she broken?" Checking for a pulse, Buffy determines that Katrina is still alive. April asks Warren why he left. At Buffy's urging, he tries to tell April that it's over and that he can't love her. It appears that she is starting to snap, and Warren quickly says that he loves Buffy. April growls and attacks Buffy. Katrina wakes up and sees them fighting. Seeing some exposed wires on April's rib cage, she is surprised to discover that April is a robot. When she realizes that April is Warren's "ex-girlfriend" she runs off, telling him to stay away from her. Trying to explain, he runs after her. April is about to get the upper hand in the fight with Buffy. April has a grip on Buffy's throat, but she starts to lose her strength as her batteries begin to die. Confused, she wonders aloud what is happening.

Buffy and April are sitting on swings and discussing Warren; April doesn't understand why he left — she was a good girlfriend. She wonders what she exists for, if not to make Warren happy. Buffy tries to console April by telling her how proud Warren was of her. As her batteries die completely, April remains optimistic that Warren will come back for her.

Xander is repairing the window and explaining the process to Buffy. The subject turns to the robot and how she had no reason to exist without a boyfriend. Buffy realizes that she has also been obsessing about not having a boyfriend. She decides to spend some time with herself, and she calls Ben to cancel the date. As Buffy leaves a message on Ben's answering machine, Glory listens. Glory tells her minion that Ben must be planning something against her — but she's nonetheless hurt that the Slayer turned "them" down.

Warren is on the phone trying to explain things to Katrina, who hangs up on him. He turns to find Spike holding the box of things he collected from Buffy. Spike tells Warren that he's got an order.


Returning home, Buffy finds flowers that her mother's date sent. Buffy calls upstairs and gets no answer. She turns to see Joyce lying on the sofa staring blankly at the ceiling. She calls several times to her mother, but gets no response. Buffy calls out, "Mommy?"

Synopsis written by Anne @ Angel's Secrets.

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