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The Harsh Light of Day

Oz comes out and saves herDingoes Ate My Baby is playing at the Bronze (with Devon wearing an atrocious midriff shirt), while Buffy and Willow watch. Parker is there, too, and Buffy is watching his reflection in a mirror (so no, he's not a vampire). Willow reveals to us that Buffy and Parker have been hanging out a lot, and Buffy admits that she has "lusty feelings" for him. Parker approaches, offering to walk Buffy back to the dorms. They take off. Willow, Oz, and Devon load the instruments into Oz's van, and Willow is left alone for a bit when the guys go back for more stuff. Good ol' Harmony comes along, and seems happy to see Willow. They each comment that the other hasn't changed, but Harmony has changed — into a vampire! She grabs Willow and bites into her neck, but Oz comes out and saves her, then holds Harmony at bay with a cross. Harmony pouts, saying that her boyfriend is gonna be mad that Willow was mean to her.

Buffy and Parker are walking and talking, and Parker asks about the scar on her neck. Buffy attributes it to an angry puppy. She asks if he has any scars to show, but he claims that his are all psychological, mainly stemming from his father's death last year. They sit down, and Parker explains how the trauma taught him to live for now, and Buffy agrees, saying that her own death-by-drowning taught her that. Buffy then agrees to go to a party with Parker the next night.

Over at Giles' place, Xander is shelving books when Anya arrives and lets herself in, commenting that Giles should lock his door. She takes Xander outside, asking where their relationship is going. Xander is confused, as he was unaware that they had a relationship. Xander tries to explain to the unenlightened Anya that these things have to develop on their own — though he's not sure how (he doesn't have much more experience with actual relationships than Anya, remember).

Oz and Willow show up at Buffy's dorm just moments after she and Parker arrive at the door. They tell Buffy that Harmony's in town, and that she's changed. Buffy catches on, and sends Parker away. They go in, and Oz tends to Willow's wound while Willow tells Buffy what Harmony said about her boyfriend — though she says Harmony used to lie about her boyfriends.

Harmony heads underground to find her boyfriend ... Spike. He and his crew are trying to dig their way into some underground crypt. Harmony bugs him to kill Willow, but he explains that killing the Slayer's best friend would reveal his presence in Sunnydale. Harmony then finds something new to whine about, declaring that she wants to go to a party. Spike finally gives in, promising to take her out later.

Later, Buffy and Parker arrive at the party, and quickly run into Spike and Harmony (carrying an almost dead victim between them). Spike and Harmony make a run for it, and Buffy chases them, ordering Parker to stay put. Spike pops out from behind a bush and punches Buffy. Harmony tells Buffy that Dru left Spike for a fungus demon. She also blurts out that Buffy will be sorry when they have the Gem of Amara. Spike is obviously peeved at Harmony's inability to keep her mouth shut, and drags her violently away.

Anya arrives at Xander's basement apartment. When Xander turns around to get her some juice, Anya drops her dress to the floor.

Buffy makes a call to Giles from a payphone, giving him the rundown. Giles promises to do the necessary research, though he always thought that the Gem was a myth. Buffy says that she's going to bed, then heads back to the party.

Back at Spike's lair, Harmony is in bed, still reveling in the newness of her vampirism ("Hey, I don't have a pulse! Cool!"). Spike is not amused, but Harmony manages to lure him into bed with her.

Over at Xander's, Anya is standing there nude explaining that she wants to have sexual intercourse so that she can then get Xander off of her mind. Xander reminds her that they hardly know each other, but she has more arguments. She kisses him, and he kisses back ... just as the washer dings, signaling that it's time to add fabric softener.

Having sex with ParkerOver at the party, Buffy finds Parker, saying that the English guy was an old friend who's not supposed to drink. Parker wonders if they ever dated, and Buffy laughs out loud (it really is a funny thought). The two go dance. Afterwards, they talk some more. Parker tells her he's a History major, and explains how fascinating it is to him. They go back to his dorm, and make out. Meanwhile, Giles calls Buffy's dorm, but gets the answering machine ... because Buffy is out having sex with Parker!

The next morning, Buffy wakes up in Parker's dorm, alone. She covers up with a sheet and starts to look for her clothes. Parker returns with coffee, and tells Buffy that his mom is coming to visit today (making no offer of introductions), but says that he'll call her later.

Over at Xander's, he and Anya are getting dressed (guess Buffy's not the only Scooby-ganger who got lucky last night). Anya tells Xander that she's over him now, but gets pissed off when he says "okay."

And over at Spike's, Spike wakes to find Harmony writing "Spike loves Harmony" on his back. Spike doesn't want to play; he's got to get back to work.

Buffy arrives back at her dorm to find Giles there. She stutters out that she was studying at the library all night, but changes her mind and tells Giles that she's an adult and it's none of his business where she was. Giles isn't all that interested anyway, as he has found some info about the Gem, which may exist after all, in a sealed underground crypt. Buffy decides that he and Willow should try to find the crypt while she tries to find Spike before he gets there. After Giles leaves, Willow pushes Buffy for the girly info on Parker.

Underground, Spike and his cohorts have found the crypt. Spike instructs Harmony not to leave the lair until he has the gem, so that no one can track her back there. She pouts, wondering why she lets him be so mean to her.

Buffy goes on the hunt for Spike and Harmony, checking her answering machine every so often, only to find that Parker hasn't called.

In the crypt the next day, Harmony starts putting on some jewelry, while Spike puts on a necklace, thinking it's the Gem. He doesn't feel any different, so he touches a cross to make sure, but it burns him. Harmony starts babbling about France, and a fed-up Spike grabs a stake and shoves it into her ... but it doesn't kill her. An understandably pissed Harmony starts hitting at Spike, who notices a ring on her finger. He realizes it's the Gem, which she throws at him after he tries to rip it off of her finger, and he leaves her there.

Over at Giles' place, Oz is going through Giles' record collection, and he's quite impressed, wanting to borrow all of them. Xander discovers that Giles has a TV, buried behind some books. Xander turns it on, and finds a news-lady mentioning a sinkhole in a road near UC Sunnydale. They realize that's where the crypt is, and take off, telling Xander to go get Buffy.

Spike appearsBuffy is wandering the campus when she spots Parker giving some girl his "live for now" speech. She wonders why he didn't call, but he doesn't know why it's a big deal. She asks if he wants to do something that night, but he makes an excuse. She asks if she did something wrong, and he says no, it was fun. "Is that all it was," Buffy asks, and Parker's not sure what else it was supposed to be. He claims that he thought she knew that's all it was, and Buffy apologizes (!). Just as Parker walks away, Spike appears, and punches an off guard Buffy. He comments on how nice it is to be out in the daylight, and the two fight (just like the good ol' days — except in the sun). She stakes him, but he doesn't mind at all.

Willow, Oz, and Giles arrives at the crypt and find only Harmony, who whines that "being a vampire sucks" — then puts on her vamp face and attacks.

Xander goes to Buffy's dorm, but no one answers his knock. He turns around to find Anya, who wants to explain that she didn't mean that she was over him. Xander, lacking time, leaves her there.

Giles holds off Harmony with a stake, and she admits that Spike has the Gem. She's upset because he ripped it right off her finger, since she would have given it to him if he'd asked nicely. She says that she would have given him anything; she loved him (you gotta feel sorry for the girl). She then takes off.

Buffy and Spike are still fighting when Xander finds them and gets sent flying by Spike. Spike tries to get to Buffy by commenting on her sex life. He then brings up Angel, kicking her into high gear. She gets his arm in a grip and takes the ring off his finger. He starts to sizzle, but makes it into a sewer entry before getting smoked.

At Giles' place, Buffy tells the gang that she wants Angel to have the ring. Oz says he has a gig in LA and can drop it off. The gang quietly agrees. Later, Buffy and Willow discuss the Parker thing. Willow says that Parker is a poophead (guess the powers-that-be wouldn't let her say the other word). Buffy agrees, but wonders why he doesn't want her. She thinks perhaps they can still work it out, but Willow thinks she's not quite getting the poophead principle. Buffy sends Willow on ahead; she wants to take a walk by herself.

Buffy walks, as do Anya and Harmony - all separately, of course, and all sad for their own reasons.

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