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Episode List - Season Seven
Choose an episode and delve into the Episode Guide.

Note to Viewers
Yes, I am aware that the "Complete" Episode Guide is, in fact, sadly incomplete. I always like to think that someday I'll go back and finish it, but I really don't know if that will ever happen. — Jamie Marie

Spoiler Warning for Non-U.S. Viewers
This episode list contains brief descriptions of each episode.* If you're quite allergic to spoilers, either don't scroll down to the episodes you haven't seen yet, or use the description-free episode list here (the link is also at your left, in Related Links).

* Exception: Descriptions are not given for episodes that have not yet aired in the U.S., so as not to spoil anyone. To get descriptions of the upcoming episodes, please visit the Upcoming Episodes page.

Season Seven Regulars
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers
Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris
Emma Caulfield as Anya
Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn
James Marsters as Spike
Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg

Season Seven Episodes
Name Number First U.S. Airdate
Lessons 7ABB01 Sept. 24, 2002
Buffy and Dawn fight off vengeful spirits in the newly rebuilt Sunnydale High. Meanwhile, Spike struggles with his sanity, and Giles rehabilitates Willow in England.
Beneath You 7ABB02 Oct. 01, 2002
The gang deals with a giant underground worm, the result of a wish Anya granted. Buffy finds out that Spike has a soul. In England, Willow prepares to return home.
Same Time, Same Place 7ABB03 Oct. 08, 2002
Buffy, Xander and Dawn are unable to find Willow, who has inadvertently made herself invisible to her friends, and vice versa. Willow's return to Sunnydale is marred further by a demon, Gnarl, who relishes the skin of his victims.
Help 7ABB04 Oct. 15, 2002
Novice counsellor Buffy begins trying to help the students at Sunnydale High, including Cassie Newton, a girl who predicts her own death. Unfortunately, a Slayer is no match for fate.
Selfless 7ABB05 Oct. 22, 2002
After Anya grants a particularly gruesome wish, Buffy feels that she must kill Anya. Xander tries to stop her, but the problem is solved when Anya requests to take it back and leave the vengeance demon fold.
Him 7ABB06 Nov. 05, 2002
Dawn and Buffy (and then Willow and Anya) fall for the school quarterback, whose jacket is enchanted. Meanwhile, Xander and Spike become reluctant roommates.
Conversations with Dead People 7ABB07 Nov. 12, 2002
Buffy chats with a former classmate and current vampire, Dawn is visited by Joyce, and Willow is visited by an imposter pretending to have a message from Tara. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Andrew return from Mexico.
Sleeper 7ABB08 Nov. 19, 2002
As Dawn and Willow recover from their chaotic night at the Summers house, Buffy probes a series of grisly murders that may be the work of Spike.
Never Leave Me 7ABB09 Nov. 26, 2002
Spike is held captive in the Summers home while the Scoobies ponder their options in the aftermath of his murder spree; a squeamish Andrew tries to master killing but ends up another Summers house captive.
Bring On the Night 7ABB10 Dec. 17, 2002
Giles arrives with three apprentice Slayers, the Scoobies research the origins of the First to find a way to rescue Spike, and Buffy fights the Ubervamp.
Showtime 7ABB11 Jan. 07, 2003
Buffy stages a showdown with the Ubervamp with the Slayers-in-training as her audience, then rescues Spike. Giles and Anya seek advice from Beljoxa's Eye.
Potential 7ABB12 Jan. 21, 2003
Buffy and Spike establish a boot camp to prepare the potential slayers for combat with the First, while a spell from Willow reveals another potential living in Sunnydale.
The Killer in Me 7ABB13 Feb. 04, 2003
Courtesy of a bitter Amy, Willow turns into Warren after kissing Kennedy; Buffy contacts the government to get help with Spike's misfiring chip.
First Date 7ABB14 Feb. 11, 2003
Buffy accepts a dinner invitation from Principal Wood, who reveals that he's a former Slayer's son; Anya is jealous when Xander has a date (who, as usual, turns out to be a demon).
Get It Done 7ABB15 Feb. 18, 2003
The Scoobies are rocked by a suicide within their ranks. After lambasting everyone, Buffy jumps through a portal on a quest for knowledge.
Storyteller 7ABB16 Feb. 25, 2003
Andrew films the Scoobies for a documentary on Buffy, while Sunnydale High is rocked by a sudden outbreak of student violence. Xander and Anya reconsider their relationship.
Lies My Parents Told Me 7ABB17 March 25, 2003
When the Scoobies fail to nullify the First's hold on Spike, Principal Wood and Giles team up to kill him. Meanwhile, Spike relives the day he became a vampire.
Dirty Girls 7ABB18 April 15, 2003
Faith returns to Sunnydale just in time to meet the First's evil agent, Caleb. Buffy leads the troops into a battle with Caleb, which ends with two dead Potentials and a seriously wounded Xander.
Empty Places 7ABB19 April 29, 2003
Buffy takes another beating from Caleb, the tries to lead the troops back to the wine cellar. Instead, she gets kicked out of her house as the gang decides Faith would make a better leader.
Touched 7ABB20 May 06, 2003
A depressed Buffy gets comfort from Spike. Meanwhile, the Scoobies capture and interrogate Bringer, and Faith leads an attack on the Bringers' arsenal.
End of Days 7ABB21 May 13, 2003
Faith and some of the Potentials are injured by a bomb. Buffy retrieves a mystic scythe and uses it against Caleb; Angel turns up to give her a hand.
Chosen (Series Finale) 7ABB22 May 20, 2003
Buffy comes up with a plan: The gang makes an attack on the First's army, aided by Willow, who performs a powerful spell to imbue all of the Potentials with Slayer powers. Meanwhile, wearing the amulet that Angel brought, Spike becomes the decisive factor in the victory, and Sunnydale is eradicated. Buffy and the gang look back on what's left of Sunnydale, deciding what to do next...

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