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Willow:What about Angel?
Buffy: Angel? I can just see him in a relationship. 'Hi, honey, you're in grave danger. I'll see you next month.'
Willow: He's not around much, it's true.
Buffy: When he is's like the lights dim everywhere else. You know how it's like that with some guys?
Willow: Oh, yeah!

Angel: It's alright. A vampire can't come in unless it's invited.

Angel: Look, I don't wanna get you in any more trouble...
Buffy: And I don't wanna get you dead.

Buffy: Angel?
Angel: Hmm?
Buffy: Do you snore?
Angel: I don't know. It's been a long time since anybody's been in a position to let me know.

Xander: Buffy, c'mon, wake up and smell the seduction. It's the oldest trick in the book.
Buffy: What? Saving my life? Getting slashed in the ribs?
Xander: Duh!

Xander: You're in love with a vampire?! What, are you outta your mind?!

Giles: There's mention some two hundred years ago in Ireland of, of Angelus, the one with the angelic face.
Buffy: They got that right.

Xander: Now I'm sayin' something. You saw him naked?

Angel: Why not? I killed mine. I killed their friends... and their friend's children... For a hundred years I offered ugly death to everyone I met, and I did it with a song in my heart.

Angel: I just wanted to see if you were okay. And your mother.
Buffy: We're both good. You?
Angel: If I can go a little while without getting shot or stabbed I'll be alright. Look, this can't...
Buffy: ...ever be anything. I know. For one thing, you're,like, two hundred and twenty-four years older than I am.
Angel: I just gotta... I gotta walk away from this.

Buffy: You okay?
Angel: It's just...
Buffy: ...painful. I know. See you around?

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