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February 29, 2000


Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers
Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris
Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg
Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
James Marsters as Spike
Anthony Stewart Head as Rupert Giles
Guest Stars:
Eliza Dushku as "Buffy"
Kristine Sutherland as Joyce Summers
Amber Benson as Tara
Leonard Roberts as Forrest Gates
George Hertzberg as Adam
Alastair Duncan as Collins
Emma Caulfield as Anya
Chet Grissom as Detective
Rick Stear as Booke
Jeff Ricketts as Weatherby
Kevin Owers as Smith
Amy Powell as Reporter
Rick Scarry as Sergeant
Jennifer S. Albright as Date


Faith eases into Buffy's life after having taken over her body. She flirts with Spike, sleeps with Riley, and slacks on slaying duty. Meanwhile, Buffy (in Faith's body) is kidnapped by the Watchers Council to be taken to England. Living Buffy's life opens Faith's eyes to how the other (not evil) half lives, and she saves the day when a group of Adam's proteges take hostages in a local church. Presumably confused by what she's feeling, Faith sneaks out of town on a train, leaving Buffy to deal with the aftermath.

For the full, detailed synopsis, click here.

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Body Count

Anonymous Vampire
Adam rips his head off in the sewers.
Anonymous Vampire
Staked by Faith-in-Buffy in The Bronze.
Anonymous Vampire
Staked by Faith-in-Buffy at a church.
Anonymous Vampire
Pushed into the sunlight by Riley outside a church.
Vamp Leader
Staked by Buffy-in-Faith in a church.
Total: Five (Plus one victim of the vampires in the church, off camera.)
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Dialogue to Die For

Spike: "You know why I really hate you, Summers?"
Faith-in-Buffy: "'Cause I'm a stuck-up tight-ass with no sense of fun?"
Spike: "Well, yeah, that covers a lot of it."
Faith-in-Buffy: "'Cause I can do anything I want, and instead I choose to pout and whine and feel the burden of Slayerness? I mean, I could be rich. I could be famous. I could have anything. Anyone. Even you, Spike. I could ride you at a gallop until your legs buckled and your eyes rolled up. I've got muscles you've never even dreamed of. I could squeeze you until you popped like warm champagne, and you would beg me to hurt you just a little bit more. And you know why I don't? (pauses) Because it's wrong."

Giles: "Look, I know what you are going to say, and..."
Buffy-in-Faith: "I'm Buffy."
Giles: "All right, I didn't know what you were going to say, but that doesn't make you any less crazy."

More quotes from this episode...

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  • Spike: "But until then, I'm just as helpless as a kitten up a tree."
  • As a possible reference, the jazzsong "Misty," written by Johnny Burke and most famously performed by Ella Fitzgerald, featured the line "I'm as helpless as a kitten in a tree."

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  • This Year's Girl

    Since this is a two-part episode, there's lots of continuity to last week's episode. You may wish to read up on it.

  • Consequences

    Faith-in-Buffy makes a sarcastic comment about Wesley's attempt to capture Faith on behalf of the Watchers Council (she escaped without much trouble).

  • The I in Team

    We first saw Adam in "The I in Team." More was learned about him in "Goodbye Iowa."

  • The Initiative

    Spike refers to the chip in his head, which we found out about in "The Initiative."

  • Helpless and Graduation Day, Part One

    Watcher Guy reminds "Faith" (BiF) that Giles and Buffy don't work for the Council anymore — Giles was fired in "Helpless," and Buffy quit in "Graduation Day."

  • Wild at Heart

    FiB surmises that Oz is out of Willow's life, which is correct — the two met in "What's My Line, Part One" and began dating soon after; Oz left to explore his werewolf self in "Wild at Heart."

  • The Pack

    Willow worries that Buffy's been possessed by a hyena, and tells Tara that hyena possessions are unpleasant. She doesn't specify, but she's referring to when Xander was possessed by a hyena (along with some other students) in "The Pack."

  • Goodbye Iowa

    Riley mentions the drugs the Professor was giving him, referring to the "vitamins" being fed to all of the Initiative members, which he found out about in "Goodbye Iowa" (the Professor being Professor Maggie Walsh).

  • A New Man

    BiF reminds Giles that when he turned into a demon (in "A New Man"), she was able to identify him.

  • The Freshman

    BiF refers to Giles' girlfriend Olivia, whom Buffy met in "The Freshman." Olivia was last seen in "Hush."

  • Graduation Day, Part Two

    BiF states the Giles hasn't had a job since he blew up the school, which occurred in the season three finale.

  • Earshot and Band Candy

    BiF refers to the fact that when she had psychic power, which was in "Earshot," she heard her mom thinking about having had sex with Giles, which was in "Band Candy."

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Goofs and Gaffes

  • At the end of "This Year's Girl" and in the first scene of this episode, Buffy's hair is quite straight. But when she comes into the house in the second scene, it's quite wavy.
          Spotted by Danielle.

  • When Joyce and FiB come back into the house, you can see the door that Buffy crashed through just a few minutes before (in "This Year's Girl"), and it appears to have a full frame of perfectly intact glass. It looks like perhaps they tried to arrange it so that you couldn't tell, but there is a glare on the glass that gives it away.
          Spotted by Anthony.

  • When the Watchers Council guys come out of the truck, they appear to open the door on their left first. However, when they close the doors, they also close that one first. It's almost certain that for the doors to latch closed correctly, whichever one opens first should close last.

  • After FiB imagines stabbing Willow, there's what looks like a knife next to her on the desk that wasn't in the previous shot.

  • There are a couple of spots in which hair moves back and forth from behind shoulders to in front: One on FiB when she pokes Riley in the ribs, and one on BiF after she hugs Riley (both scenes outside the church).
          Spotted by Anthony.

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  • Riley says that he doesn't want a bunch of Marines staring in at him and "Buffy." This implies that at least some of the Initiative guys are Marines. Riley himself was previously (in "A New Man") implied to be a member of the Army, so either there are some members of each branch of the U.S. military in the Initiative, or there's some conflict here. We're giving it the benefit of the doubt.

  • Giles' TV (and the airport television) is again tuned to the oft-watched channel 14 (its last appearance was in "Goodbye Iowa").

  • Riley is a suit-wearing, Sunday morning church-goer.

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  • Nerf Herder - "Vivian" (From How to Meet Girls, Honest Don's, 2000)
      This is the song FiB dances to in the Bronze. Nerf Herder is, of course, the band which performs the Buffy theme song.

  • The Cure - "Watching Me Fall" (From Bloodflowers, Elektra, 2000)
      This is the song playing in the Bronze when Spike and FiB have their little exchange.

  • Headland - "Sweet Charlotte Rose" (From unknown CD, Lazy Bones Recording, 1999)
      This song plays in the Bronze when Willow, Tara, and FiB are there.
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Much much much better than I anticipated for a body switching episode. I was expecting this to be pretty lame, but it wasn't, which of course is a good thing. The inner turmoil and transformation that Faith went through in Buffy's body was amazing beyond the telling of it. This story was one that only Joss could do with his characters and it shows. And yes, I am amazed at what he could get by the censors during Willow and Tara's spell. Chalk this one up to another wonderful closing of a two-parter by the entire Buffy cast and crew. (9/10)
Jamie Marie:
Just like I figured, part two was better than part one. This could perhaps be my own doing — a self-fulfilling prophecy. I expect to like part two better, and so I do. Oh well. the fact is, I liked it. A lot, even. SMG playing Faith playing Buffy was truly excellent. When are they going to give that girl an Emmy (a Primetime Emmy, that is)? Sigh. Eliza as Buffy was also quite impressive — but, in my opinion, not until she went to Giles. In the truck, I didn't feel like Buffy was really in there. Well, maybe somewhat, but she it just didn't feel quite right until she got to Giles' house. In that scene, she was great. I, like pretty much everyone else, absolutely loved the mirror scene and the Spike scene. :-) And Giles waving his arms about, shouting about "tiny, tiny babies" was hysterical. Not the dialogue so much as his delivery and the visual of it. One thing that irked me a bit was that Willow didn't call Giles when she figured out that Buffy and Faith had switched. I can reason with myself that the reason she didn't come over until the next day because she and Tara were conjuring the switcheroo thing. But really, she should have at least called to warn him — middle of the night or not. I had other things to say, but I didn't jot them down and I have forgotten them at the moment. I'm sure they'll come back to me, and I'll add them when they do. But anyhow... (9/10)
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Air Date Rating Ranking
February 29, 2000 3.5 86 of 128
July 18, 2000 1.8 101 of 139

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