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Some people have liked our site enough to bestow us with awards! This makes us happy! Each award links to the site from which it came, so be sure to check them out. Also, please take a second to rate us with the form below.

Best Reference Site - The Buffy Oscars Site of the Week at SMG Kingdom Gold Site Award - Pasha's TV & Movie Obsessions Award of Joy from Buffdom Buffy Project Site of the Week My Site Slays the Rest! ~ says the NBFC! Cyber-Teddy's Top 500 Sara's Buffy Page The BTVS Studio Award from Ultimate Links

NOTE: If an award is not linked back to the awarding site, it's because the URL I had no longer worked. If one of these awards is from your site and is not linked back, please letting me know the new URL (and which award needs the link).


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