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What's My Line, Part 2

Buffy convinces Kendra to meet Giles. When she does, it turns out that Kendra's telling the truth: when Buffy drowned to death in the Master's lair, the next Slayer was activated. Kendra has been sent to Sunnydale by her Watcher, Sam Zabuto, because signs point to something terrible happening there soon. Meanwhile, Willy saves Angel from the cage just in the nick of time... but delivers him to Spike. Cordelia and Xander are attacked by the salesman, who explodes into a mass of worms and chases them around Buffy's house until they barricade themselves in the basement. Spike brings a weakened Angel to Drusilla, saying that all they need is that night's full moon and Angel's death for Drusilla to be fully restored to health.

Buffy wonders if it would be so bad to let Kendra be the Slayer so she can have a normal life. Trapped in Buffy's basement, Cordelia and Xander get to arguing, which leads to kissing. Creeped, they make a desperate escape. Willow is charmed by Oz, and when the policewoman at career day turns out to be the third assassin, Oz takes a bullet to save Willow. Kendra saves Buffy, but the assassin gets away. Everyone meets at the library, and Giles reveals that the rest of Drusilla's cure will require the death of her sire. Buffy knows that means Angel, and now she's mad. "Nobody messes with my boyfriend," she says dangerously.

Drusilla tortures Angel before the ritual, exacting revenge for the way he killed her family. Buffy and Kendra bond, while Xander discovers how to kill the worm-man. Then they go to get the truth out of Willy the bartender. After the girls threaten him, he agrees to take them to where the ritual will take place. Kendra thinks they should go to Giles first, but Buffy doesn't want to wait. Willy takes her to the church... delivering her right into the hands of the waiting assassins.

The ritual The ritual is underway: in five minutes, Angel will be dead, and it looks like Buffy could be dead by then too. But Kendra arrives with Giles and the kids, and a melee ensues. After Xander and Cordy dispose of the worm-man and Kendra deals with the third assassin, Buffy interrupts the ritual half-way. Spike sets fire to the church and tries to escape with Drusilla, but Buffy beans him with the brazier, collapsing the organ on top of the fleeing vampires. Kendra helps Buffy get Angel out of the burning church. The next day, Oz charms Willow yet again, Xander and Cordy argue and kiss yet again, and Buffy bids goodbye to Kendra, who tells her that Slaying isn't a job. "It's who you are," she says. And in the burned-out ruins of the church, a rejuvenated Drusilla carries a weakened Spike away to recuperate.


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